Two sisters cooking and creating...and neglecting laundry. Welcome to our slice of the internet!


Our goal is to inspire creativity in and out of the home and fill happy bellies everywhere!

Here is a little about us:

Briana: I'm all about food, family, and anything that has to do with making a house a home. I love to create in the kitchen, in the home, in the yard, and in everyday life. I'm trained in massage therapy and have worked and been trained in floral design. I've learned how to cook by watching my mother and big sis. I love interior design and would love to go to school for it... (hey, I still could! maybe...) I have a husband and two daughters (ages 2 and 15 weeks) who are three of my favorite people on this earth. I strive everyday to live a creative life for them. My sister and I are two peas in one pod. Sometimes I think we could be twins (not in looks...she's way hotter). I love that we get to share this space together. Thanks for visiting and being interested on our little slice of the internet. 

Kara:  I remember a hot summer day when I was 8 years old.  I didn't want to set up the typical lemonade stand in front of my house, hoping for neighborhood customers to come swarming.  No, I  wanted something different.  Something unique.  Something better.  I began ransacking my parent's kitchen looking for the perfect ingredients to make the perfect summer's day treat.  When my search was over, the countertop revealed frozen cool whip, frozen strawberries and chocolate chips.  My eight-year-old mind and hands went to work concocting a mixture of pureed strawberries and coolwhip which I froze into little balls.  Then dipped in melted chocolate and put back in the freezer to harden.  I don't remember selling very many, but I do remember my friends Mom buying one, then coming back for seconds and asking for the recipe which I was more than delighted to share with her!  Oh the elation!  In my eyes, I had created a masterpiece, a little taste of heaven worthy of seconds!  OBVIOUSLY she was just humoring a spunky little girl with a vision.  But the complete satisfaction and self gratification she allowed me to feel has never left.  This is one of many, seemingly trivial, but important experiences that made me eventually decide to attend The Scottsdale Culinary Institiute in Arizona.  While I was in school, (and having a blast living w/ my sis Bri:) I was passionate about EVERYTHING I studied!  I wanted to be a food critic, butcher, pastry chef, restaurant owner, nutritionist, caterer, cake decorator, etc, etc, etc!  I absorbed and wanted to do everything that fit under the umbrella of food at ad nauseum!!!  I had an absolute blast!  Fast forward several years and now here I am.  First and most importantly I get to call myself Wife and Momma!  I'm my Husband's #1 fan and he is mine!  He's a trooper and a champ for putting up with my messy, time consuming, sometimes expensive hobbies in the kitchen!  He's my best buddy for sure!  My little guy, is as rough n tumble as little guys come!  Mind you, it's NOT always a good thing.:)  But he is a total crack up, pure entertainment, to say the least!  My baby girl, is a smiler!  Been smiling for us since she was 3 weeks old!  And NO it was not just gas!  I get to hang with these two little squirts everyday and while they nap, I get to play in my kitchen, play with my camera aaaaand maybe do a few chores if I feel so inclined.:)  So...with that I will say, "Hi!  Welcome to me and my Sis's blog!  We appreciate you stopping by!"