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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Albacore Tuna Salad Wraps

Ahhh LUNCH! 1 out of 3 of my most favorite meals of the day!;) When Bri and I lived in Arizona, we would frequent a restaurant called Wild Flowers! This place has the most amazing breakfast and lunch menu! My mouth waters just thinking about it! On their lunch menu they had a tuna salad sandwich that was HANDS DOWN, the best I’ve ever tasted! So naturally when I moved back to Utah and Bri, our brother Mac and I started working as corporate chefs, I wanted to try and duplicate it as part of a lighter fare option for the Execs we worked for. I love it! They loved it! Win! Win!

3 large romaine lettuce leaves, white end cut off, rinsed and patted dry

Mix the following:

2- 5 oz cans albacore tuna, drained. Canned white chicken may be substituted. YUM!

4 Tbs light mayo

1 tsp dried dill

1/4 of a Red and Delicious apple, chopped

2 Tbs sliced almonds

Spoon a third of the mixture into the center of each leafy part of romaine. Pick up, fold like a taco and enjoy!

Recipe and Post by Kar

image by Kar

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