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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

La Jolla Groves

For any of you living in the Utah Valley area, this new restaurant is a MUST VISIT! It is located in the Riverwoods Shopping Center. So just permanent marker it on your 'to do' list! The food is top notch! From their Chicken Stuffed Crepes to their Chocolate pudding cake! The head chef at this place is doing something fantastic! My mouth doesn't just water as I think about the food served here, it literally waters as I take each tantalizing bite! The appetizers, soups, salads and main courses I have had the PLEASURE of tasting are flavored to perfection and so savory!(Thus the mouth watering:) The desserts or FINALE I should say are fabulous! Have you ever tasted Lemon Tiramisu???? Neither had I, until this place! Layers of delicate sponge cake, light and silky lemon marscapone cream and finished off with a lemon creme anglaise! And it comes served in a chilled teacup! Here's the short of it. La Jolla Groves is straight A's in presentation, quality, taste, service, and decor! Oh and here is another HUGE plus! Their price point is way below what I would have expected for food and service of this caliber!

Images by Kar

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Britt said...

I'm thinking we need a neighborhood "date night." Sounds yummy!

By the way, all of the recipes on your website look so great. I love seeing what you are going to post!