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Friday, October 1, 2010

My Lil Gal's 1st Birthday

First let's talk food! Indee's Birthday cake was a six inch, 3 layer, Pillsbury Funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream frosting! And the rainbow sprinkled and coconut cake donuts were from Days market.
Buttercream frosting:
2 sticks salted butter, softened
5-6 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-3 tablespoons milk(to get to good spreading consistency)
Whip the softened butter until it is fluffy and pale yellow using a stand mixer or handheld. Add the powdered sugar 1 cup at a time to make sure it incorporates well. Add vanilla. Then add milk a tiny bit at a time while mixing until you get a creamy and spreadable consistency.
We served mini burgers (sliders) for dinner.
The burgers were equal parts ground chuck to ground sirloin at 20% fat. I used 3 pounds of chuck and 3 pounds of sirloin. We made the patties slightly bigger than golf ball size and flattened them out. We sprinkled both sides of the patty with Lawry's seasoned salt and coarsely ground black pepper. They went on a hot grill for roughly 3-4 minutes per side.
In order to shorten an already lengthy post I have decided to break them up into 2. This post shows the fabric flower headbands worn by the little girls and the fabric flowers in general. I will be doing a follow up post to show you how I made them!
My Baby Gal!

All the little gal's

Cake time!

All of the wonderful pictures are courtesy of the talented Breanna of
The ideas for the flowers came from


Briana said...

The donut cakes are to die for! I think we need to make that a new tradition.

Audrey Crisp said...

SO CUTE!!! That cake looks awesome! What a beautiful party and baby girl you have! I'm Haley's little sis in case you didn't know.... ; )

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

The flower headbands are so cute! Did you make those?
We also have the tradition for Elijah of doing chocolate donuts with sprinkles instead of cake.

annette said...

What a darling. (The cake wasn't bad looking either)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

What a gorgeous, fun party Kara. I hope I'm not lazy when I have kids (like I am now) and do cute things for them. Those girls look so adorable with their little headbands. And I'm feeling like a turd because when I went back to Days Market to get my purse that I left there, I was having a day where I was feeling too good for donuts and got a tuna sammy instead. I wish somebody had been there to shake me.

Kar said...

Ahhh, you guys are all so awesome! Thankyou! Audrey, of course I know who you are! I remember chatting with you at the old lifestyles 2000 back in the day! Vanessa, I did make the headbands! I have a tutorial coming your way! Annette, thankyou!! I love you! Hales, thanks for always making me laugh! I think I've taken 10 years of aging off my life because of your comments! And Bri, yes! Let's make it a tradition!

Angela DiGiovanni said...

Any idea what filters were used to process the pictures of all the kids together? Those are great pictures! What a beautiful looking party!

Kar said...

Hi Angela! Breanna didn't use filters. The antiquing you see is all post processing in Photoshop. And thank you very much! We had a good time!

Audrey Crisp said...

Wait.... What Lifestyles 2000 we chatted? Wow... I have a really crappy memory! I'm glad you remember me! ; )

stevenjared0853 said...

So chic first birthday party. It looks like dream to me! The little girls are looking so adorable in these pictures. My girl turned 5 on last weekend. We too hosted rainbow inspired party at the local garden event space. This bash was also very colorful and everyone over there enjoyed to the fullest.