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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spinach and Mushroom Chilaquiles

This is my new favorite casserole, guys. You have GOT to try it. I adapted it from a recipe found in From Our House To Yours cookbook. This cookbook has loads of great recipes including this gem that I posted awhile back and got lots of good feedback on. Chilaquiles is pronounced: Chee-lah-KEE-less. They describe this particular dish as Nuevo Tex-Mex/traditional Mexican comfort food thats baked like a lasagna. Awesome. ENJOY!

Recipe (yield 4-6....possibly 7):

1/2 cup olive oil, or as needed
18 corn tortillas
2 pound mushrooms, preferably portobellos or crimini (or a mixture of both), wiped clean with a damp cloth, stemmed and sliced
5 cups spinach leaves, chopped
2 15 oz cans canned white beans, drained
Monterey Jack cheese, thinly sliced, enough to cover each layer
1 15 oz jar La Victoria Salsa Verde Mild
1 15 oz can La Victoria Green Enchilada Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. In a large skillet, warm a 1/2 cup olive oil over low heat. Add the tortillas one at a time and cook for 15 seconds on each side. Transfer to paper towels to drain. When all the tortillas have been heated, there should be at least 2 tablespoons olive oil left in the skillet. If not, add oil as needed and place over medium heat. Add the mushrooms and cook , stirring for 7-10 minutes, or until any liquid they have released has evaporated. Add the spinach and cook for 2 minutes longer, or until wilted. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. In a bowl, combine the Salsa Verde and the Enchilada sauce- this is now your green sauce.

Lightly butter a 9x13 baking dish. Place 6 tortillas in the dish, covering the bottom completely and overlapping as necessary. Cover with one third of the spinach-mushroom mixture and follow with one third of the white beans. Top with cheese slices, covering the whole surface and then top that with one third of the green sauce (the mixture of the Salsa Verde and enchilada sauce). Repeat the layers twice, ending with the sauce.

Bake for 20 minutes uncovered, or until heated through and cheese is completely melted. Serve hot directly from the dish.

image by Briana


(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Yum!! I have made enchiladas with green enchilada sauce and mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, and onions which was really good! This sounds great, thanks for sharing!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...


martanna said...

I made this for dinner the other night and it was delicious! Even without cheese! I just added some yellow bell pepper and topped it all with guac!
Still coming to the TCPH blog anytime I need a recipe idea:)
Thanks sisters!!!