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Friday, November 12, 2010

No Sew (almost) Caplet

I was looking at my cousin's blog, Petunia and Poppy and Poppy had made an adorable little cape for her soon to arrive baby girl! She found a great tutorial for this project at Ruffles and Stuff. I thought it was so cute and the fact that it was a "no sew" project got me excited to try and make one for my little gal! It was fairly simple and I had it done in an hour. The only suggestion I would add to this tutorial is that you should make sure when you are cutting the slits at the top to weave the ribbon through, cut an even number of slits so the ribbon starts and ends coming through the same direction on both sides. Otherwise it won't tie right when you are putting it around your little ones neck. Have a great and safe weekend everyone! See you again on Monday!
My reason for the "almost" in the title is because I did sew on buttons (like my cousin did as well) instead of closing it with thin ribbon like in the tutorial.
I should've taken the time to change my Lil Gal into the red dress with cream polkadots, cream tights and red mary janes I had imagined would go with her new caplet...but it's not a Sunday and I really wanted to get this post up! So, alas the baggy grey leggings and uneven leg warmers will have to do!
She really likes her new warm caplet...or maybe it's just Daddy making her giggle!
I also think this little number will be adorable with skinny jeans or leggings and riding boots!

images by Kara


Briana said...



Petunia+Poppy said...

way cute, kar!! she'll be adorable in her little church outfit but she's still cute in her 'baggy grey leggings and uneven legwarmers'. i love a good easy project like this one.

Daile Wilson said...

This is the cutest thing ever! love it!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

She is way too cute!