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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Eve Jammie Crisis???

First of all, let me apologize for the less than stellar photography going on here. All these pictures were taken from my cellphone...add a 1 year old who can't sit still to that equation and there you have it! Mad skill with the cellphone camera I tell ya! Now let me get to the short and sweet of it!!! Haven't gotten your Christmas Eve Jammers yet??? Look no further than your local Target! Man I LOVE that place! Always saving me in a bind! Anyhu, they carry a line of soft and cozy PJ's called Nick & Nora's. The coolest part in my opinion, other than the cute prints, is that I was able to snag the same exact pair in my size as my 1 year old daughter! How fun...twinners! And when I was at Target this morning they still had a ton left in various prints and all sizes!
Obviously, I didn't save mine for Christmas Eve. I couldn't help it! They are just too cute! It's the equivalent of grownup PJ's on tiny kids!
Here is a cute new print they didn't have when I bought mine just 3 days ago! Love the owls!!!
And of course the sock monkeys...classic!

images by Kara (sadly:)


Audrey Crisp said...

No sweat on the images... They look fine! I love Target too! A little too much. If I could only go to one store for the rest of my life that would be Target! Cute jammies! Merry Christmas!

Briana said...

I bought the owls!

Thanks for the tip!

eunice asay said...

I can personally vouch for the cutness of the jammies - but no comparison to the cute little grandbaby bodies wearing them!!!!!!!