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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorative Clothes Pins For Displaying Holiday Cards

I was looking at one of my new favorite blogs yesterday, and I found a quick and easy tutorial on decorating clothes pins. They did it specifically to hang abc cards in their daughters nursery. So I decided to use up some of the holiday card stock I had gotten a few weeks ago for the ornament post I did and make decorative holiday clothes pins to hang holiday cards.
It was soooo easy! All you need is clothes pins, fun paper, and glue(preferably the type that has a brush applicator such as Krazy glue). The brush makes it a lot easier to get an even coat of glue on the clothes pin.
All you have to do is outline the face of a clothes pin with a pen onto the backside of your card stock. Then cut it out. Use this piece of card stock as your template for outlining and cutting out as many decorative pieces as you need. Glue the card stock, pressing down firmly, onto both sides of the clothes pins.
Then take a length of yarn and string it across the area you want to hang your cards. For the sake of not having to pull out a hammer and nails, I secured the two yarn ends under Christmas Vases I have on both sides of my mantle. As you begin to pin your cards onto the yarn, it will droop naturally through the center. For this reason, I wouldn't cut your yarn until all of your cards are hung. Incase you need more or less length. I think this would also look cool hanging across a large mirror or even a window or two!
The more cards that come...the more festive and charming it will look!

images by Kara


Briana said...

Cute idea!

Last year I hung all our greeting cards using the little mini clothes pins.

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Very cute. I just want to decorate my whole house in clothes pins - they're adorable! I kind of have, I guess. I love that side shot - so cool.