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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easy Felt Tree Skirt

Welcome to December Folks!!! Can you even believe how fast the Fall has gone and now here we are, Christmastime and all! Crazy! In years past we have had one Christmas tree up at our home. This year we got a little ambitious and decided to set two Christmas trees up, so we needed another tree skirt. I decided that instead of going out and buying one, I would attempt to make my own. Because I'm not too crafty to begin with, I knew I would need to be minimalist in the material and the design I chose, as to not overwhelm myself and end up with a big over fussed mess! Luckily, I tend to lean towards minimalistic styles anyway, so I knew I could probably pull this off! And as luck would have it, when I went to the fabric store to pick material, all of the felt was on sale!
Materials needed:
1- 2 yards of felt for tree skirt
2- 1/2 a yard in each of the colors you would like to use for cutting out shapes and designs to decorate your tree skirt
3- Fabric scissors and/or rotary cutter
4- 3 or 4 buttons
5- Glue gun
I used the tree skirt I already had as my template to cut out the new one. I folded my felt in half with the existing tree skirt folded in half on top of it. Then I cut out a perfect half circle. I also cut a small half circle in the center at the top for the trunk of the tree. See image below.
I unfolded my cut out tree skirt and this is what it looks like. Image below.
I then took my fabric scissors and cut a straight line from the outer edge up to the center circle.
Next, using my eye to space them apart evenly, I sewed 4 buttons down the left side of the straight cut line. After the buttons were sewn in place I used a rotary cutter to make small slits in the felt on the right side to coordinate with each button. Then I buttoned my tree skirt up!
Next I rough cut different sized polkadots to decorate my tree skirt. That is one of the beauties of felt! So easy to cut and get clean shapes! Even without a template!
Then I used my trusty old glue gun (we have become great friends:) to stick all of the varying sized polkadots on the tree skirt!

TADA! Done and looking sweet and simple under our tree! I'm quite positive that all of you can come up with way more creative and in depth designs so please forgive the meager skills here!:)

images by Kara


Briana said...

This is the perfect Christmas craft! Love it.

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Great, simple idea!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Alright Kara, I'm calling shenanigans on your so-called non-craftiness. Bull. You've shown us a few too many adorable crafts, made by your own hands, to deserve that title. Love it.

kalanicut said...

K, this looks great. Love it!

Cindy said...

Very cute! We have tree skirt like this but instead of the dots, I have the kids puts their hands in paint. I write their names in tulip paint below the handprints with the year. We started ten years ago (yes I am old). We have slowly moved to different sections each year. We now have a full tree skirt and we get to see how big their hands have gotten over the years. Rachel is not even on the skirt unto 2003.