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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Splendid Littles for Target

Hello everybody! This will be a fun little find for anyone who has toddlers boys or girls!!!! For all of you who don't already know, there is an amazing little designer line called Splendid. Splendid makes some of the cutest and SOFTEST baby clothes I have ever seen or felt! But along with all that cute and softness, comes a nice little price tag! Unfortunately, it's hard to justify the prices. Especially when little guys and gals grow out of clothes so fast! Well, TARGET to the rescue! Our Sis in Law Meg, who's daughter Elle is always dressed adorable, tipped Bri and I off a few weeks ago about Splendid designing a line for Target! And guess what folks, it's just as cute, soft and oh so affordable! I immediately went over there and was very happy I did!
This is one of the outfits I picked up for Indee! I love this outfit on her and love it even more because I know she is comfy wearing it!
When it's too quite.;) I always know where I can find my office getting into everything within her reach! I should probably rethink where I keep my paint! Yikes!

So head over to Target Pronto! I'm sure Splendid Littles will be sold out quick! Have a Happy Wednesday!


Brit Warner said...

Someone gave me some of these clothes for Felix and they are my FAVORITE! In fact he is wearing them right now. I tried to find some online and all the onsies were $50 or more and I could not bring myself to spend that much on something he was going to throw up on. I am so excited they are at Target now! Thanks for the post!

Briana said...

So cute.

Denice said...

what? splendid at target? you've got to be kidding me. so excited about that!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Dude, she looks SO cute. I think I will have a baby just so I can buy some. I love Target.