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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get em while they're HOT!

My sissy in law Meg has once again opened my eyes to an exciting little find!  This time over at Costco!  Costco is selling Hanna Anderson jammies in super cute prints, for just $11.99!  Compare that price to the $25-30 you'll pay for these in the Hanna Anderson store and online and you will be one happy camper!  They range in sizes 0-24 months and 3 yrs, for both boys and girls!  I love these Jammies on my little ones...cute, tight and comfy!  So head over while the selection is hot!!!!

My Lil' Gal dancin' in her new jammers!



Anonymous said...

Which Costco are you talking about?

Kar said...

I got mine at the Orem, Ut store. But I don't think it's localized. My sis in California was going to pick some up at her Costco as well!

{Brittany} said...

Oh my gosh!! I love her she looks like a monkey in shot one! Those jams are the best.

Jen said...

Kara, I love HA stuff. Thanks for the fun tip. YOur little lady looks adorable.

Lindsay said...

I love these jammies. I think Vivian has 9 pairs. I even bought the monster ones because they were so cute. I don't care that people think she is a boy. I love this blog.

the mama monster said...

i about chocked on my churro when i saw them a few weeks back! all 3 of my boys came home from the hospital in hannah andersen jammies and a yummy pilot cap. i bought a bunch for baby showers because my boys are to old now. nothing is yummier than organic cotton jammies!

ps. your baby is a doll ;)

Kar said...

Organic cotton jammies are the best!
mama monster- I love that you brought each of your little boys home from the hospital in these and a pilot cap! Too cute!
Lindsay- Vivian would look darling no matter what you dressed her in!
And Jen- you are welcome!