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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ground Turkey Tostadas

It's snowing at my house right this minute. Boohoo. But, that's not gonna get us down! We've got errands to run for my little Hadden's 1st Birthday. She turns one on Monday! It's going to be a fun little celebration. I'll post pics from it next week sometime. Have a lovely weekend and I hope it's not snowing at your house! Here's a recipe to take you into the weekend:
Ground turkey is really versatile and a healthier alternative to other ground proteins. I like to use it in tacos or tostadas. This filling is flavorful and juicy. You'll have dinner on the table in 20 minutes tops and you'll love watching your family wolf these down. Enjoy!

Recipe (Yield 4-6 servings):

1 package ground turkey 1.25 lb-1.50 lbs (find one that has no added hormones or fillers, preferably--most are this way already)
1 medium size white onion, finely chopped
1 8 oz can tomato sauce
1 package taco seasoning (I like Mckormick because it has no MSG and the ingredient list is pretty much all spices)
1/3-1/2 cup water
2 tbs olive oil

In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add chopped onions and allow to soften for a few minutes. Add ground turkey to onions and brown while stirring and breaking the meat up. Try your best to break big chunks up as best you can, it may take a little effort. When meat is cooked through and broken up into smallish pieces, add taco seasoning packet, tomato sauce and water (start with a 1/3 cup and add more if you feel it needs it). Stir to combine and coat. Allow to simmer for a couple more minutes to let liquids reduce. Serve.

Side note: I like to heat the tostadas and taco shells in a 200 degree oven while I'm making the turkey filling. Pull them out when the filling is finished and then build them how you prefer. Lettuce, tomato and sour cream are a must at our house. I had some of my homemade refried beans in the fridge so I re-heated them and smeared a thin layer on the tostada then built up from there.

image by Briana


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Yum - ground turkey is delicious. This is a definite keeper.

Briana said...

You're delicious, Haley!