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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for Summer duds!

Well the UPS truck pulled up to the house yesterday and I was instantly giddy with excitement!  What, oh what had Mr. UPS Man brought me today???  I opened the door and there on my porch was that beeeeauuuutiiiiful Target logo!  If you haven't already figured it out, I'm just a little obsessed with Target!  And they've managed to hit yet another grand slam with their Calypso St. Barth line!  Thanks for the tip Bri and Meg!  Think light, airy materials, tie dye and totally beachy!  I had a virtual "beach day" as I went through and picked little outfits for my Indee and my soon to be born(t-minus 7 days:) Baby Q!  Yes, yes, I will be "that" Mom who has her two girlies dressed alike most of the Summer!  I blame it on Target and Calypso!  These clothes are so dang cute I couldn't just buy for my 20 month old without buying the same for my newborn!  Obnoxious?  Mmmm, maybe but that's okay!  So I went about opening every little package in the shipment and couldn't help but giggle over the cuteness!  Especially the sheer "teenyness" of Baby Q's stuff!  Man, how easily I forget how tiny they start out!
A few of the items I am loving:
Family picture day perhaps?

An afternoon at the pool!

The park and a picnic!

Summer birthday parties!
Staying cool on a hot day!

And for me, almost equally as exciting, is the women's line!  Browsing thru I noticed a lot of cute yet "roomy" pieces that will be just perfect as I'm transitioning out of pregnancy mode and working hard to lose the poundage!:)

Backyard BBque!

Weekend datenight!

Out and about running errands! 
Easy Sunday!

Now I just need to get my Lil Ace ready for Summer and we'll be set!  Oh how I wish H&M was set up for online ordering already!!!  I heard a rumor that, that reality is quickly approaching!  Late Summer/early Fall??  Can't wait!  Have a fantastic weekend guys!

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I love the swimsuit!