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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scrap Fabric Christmas Skirt

Well, I've tried to link this easy little craft back to the original picture that I saw on pinterest with NO LUCK!  Anyway, someone out there is a genius for coming up with this great idea!  I used fabrics with Christmas prints, figuring Indee could wear it as she wished around the house and as a dress up.  She came down the stairs from her nap just as I was finishing it.  She tried it on to make sure it fit, and decided she didn't want to take it off!  Meanwhile I had to run upstairs because Quinn Had just woken from her nap also!  I was feeding her, when I heard Indee clunking around downstairs.  When I went back down she had put her snow boots on with her new skirt and was ready to go outside and play.

All I did was measure a length of 3/4" elastic around her waist.  Sewed the two ends together.  Cut fabric into long strips, making sure that half the length of those strips was the length I wanted the skirt to be.  Then I folded a strip in half and brought the looped end around the elastic and brought the two loose ends through the loop, creating a knot around the elastic!  I used roughly 40 strips to make this skirt.


images by Kara


Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

mickisha said...

Love the outfit combo! I can't believe how big she is Kar!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

That is beyond cute! I especially love it with her adorable pink coat and boots - she is the best!