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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Painted Neon Bead Necklaces

Hey, how was your Valentines? Ours was low-key. I made some chicken turn-overs (one of husbands favorites), got some shrimp cocktail from Whole Foods and we had Izze's to drink. The kids skipped on the shrimp cocktail, but all in all it was a sweet night. 

Today we didn't have to be anywhere or do anything so we made some necklaces with the supplies we got at Michael's yesterday. While at Michael's, I threw a tub of wooden beads (sometimes called craft beads) in my cart, not really having a purpose for them, but all with the intention of having the girls string up some simple necklaces on a slow day. Then we strolled by all the acrylic paint and my eye immediately caught some neon paint and it all came together. We'd paint those wooden beads neon, then string them on some grosgrain and we'd have ourselves a hip little necklace! Neon is a fun trend right now and it's fun to incorporate little hits of it into your wardrobe. These necklaces are a good start and can obviously be modified for an adult. Think how cool a solid strand of neon beads would be?! Here's how you do it:
You need:
wooden beads (also called craft beads)
Neon paint
grosgrain ribbon (I used a bright cobalt color)
small sponge paint brush
wooden kebob skewers
disposable bowl
Figure out the configuration of your necklace, then "skewer" the beads and paint them your desired neon color. It helps to hold the skewer in one hand while painting.
Allow beads to dry. Apply a second coat.
String beads up using the grosgrain ribbon. On the orange necklace I tied a knot in between each bead and with the pink I just strung them. Make sure you  double knot to fasten the necklace. Rock it however you wanna rock it!
Thanks for letting me share this today! Let me know if you make some of these necklaces and how it goes. Thanks for stopping by!

images and project by Briana


Kar said...

This post just made me smile! Lily is so cute!

Briana said...

Thanks, Kar. She got a good case of the giggles.

kjirsten said...

What a fun idea! Claire loves to make necklaces, but she'd probably love them even more if she got to paint the beads!!! Really cute. And so is that little smiley girl . . . so pretty. :)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Cool dude! What a perfect craft to do with kids - easy peasy. Lily's cuteness is ridiculous.

Briana said...

Kjirsten- Thanks! I so appreciate all your comments lately. Love you!

Haley- Thank you, dude! You're the best.