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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How To: Fabric Easter Eggs

I'm really excited about stuffing my girls easter baskets this year. Here are some ideas bouncing around my head: big beach towels for the pool (I'm on the hunt for mermaid ones!), flip-flops, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, sunglasses and candy, of course. P.S. My favorite easter candy growing up was the gum in the mini egg cartons. What was yours?
I also wanted to make a little handmade something to stuff in their baskets. I thought some little eggs made out of felt and stuffed would be cute. They could use them in their little kitchen and when they play "grocery store" or sometimes they call it Wal-Mart. "Let's play Wal-Mart!"
Problem was, the felt I thought I had was long gone from another project I forgot I even did. I decided on plan B and made them out of fabric scraps. I think they turned out adorable and they've got that handmade flavor, but I do think felt would be ideal for this project. Here is how I made these little charmers:
You'll need:
cotton balls
fabric or felt of your choice
embroidery thread
embroidery needle
scissors or pinking shears (to prevent fraying)

Step 1. Click {{HERE}}. Hold a piece of white paper up to your computer screen and trace the egg template onto your paper. Cut the egg out. Hold the cut-out egg up to your fabric with your thumb and cut fabric into egg shapes. Double up your fabric while cutting to save time and make the front and back side of your eggs exactly the same shape.
Step 2. Pull apart three strands from your embroidery floss (Embroidery floss makes up 6 strands). I used the whole length of the embroidery floss to make four eggs. Thread your embroidery needle. Knot the end. Using a blanket stitch, stitch around the edge of your fabric egg. Making sure the right side of the fabric is facing out. {{HERE}} is an excellent video on how to start, do and finish a blanket stitch. Super duper simple.
Step 3. Leave a couple inch opening and stuff the egg with cotton balls. I used three cotton balls per egg. Tear and pull apart the cotton balls to better help them fill in and around the inside of the egg. 
Step 4. Stitch up the opening. Finish it by knotting the thread to secure the stitches. It shows you how to do this in the video.
Thanks for letting me share! Now, I want to know what you like to fill your kids easter baskets with! I'd love to hear your ideas.

project and images by Briana


Kar said...

Oh my heck Bri!!!!!! These are so cute! What a great idea! Amazing sister!!!!!

Briana said...

Kar- Thanks! I'm glad you like em! Hopefully Lily and Hadds will like them as much as us. ;)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

I love those! The stitching on them is so cute!

kalanicut said...

These are darling. I think they are perfect in the fabric and what a great way to make use of pretty little scraps! Love how creative you are. Makes me happy to see you two girls whipping cute and delicious things up left & right!

Briana said...

Haley- Thanks! The stitching makes them for sure.

Kalani- I was excited to have a purpose for the scraps! Thanks so much, Kalani! Have a great weekend!