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Monday, May 7, 2012

Taco Box

How was your weekend? Anything good happen? We did a lot of yard work, which was actually fun! Randy and I both had that Springy itch to get out in our yard and start dinking around. So, there we were- in our yard, on Saturday, working alongside each other with our butt cracks flashing the neighborhood. Anyway, let's talk about this Taco Box:
I saw this Taco Box on the kitchn blog (via Cup of Jo). A neighborhood friend recently had a baby so my friend Kris and I put together our own version (above) of this taco box to take over. I didn't have a wine crate laying around to use like they did over at the kitchn, so I did the next best thing and wrapped a diaper box in wrapping paper. Wink. I also used some happy tape to write TACO BOX on the outside. It looks a wee bit crazy, but I like crazy. In wee bits. 
Here is what we filled our box with: Speciality sodas, tortillas, freshly grated cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream, black beans, slow-cooked shredded beef, and stuff to make guac. I packaged the meat (which isn't pictured because it was still slow cooking) in freezer safe bags with the juices so they could have the option to freeze it for later use.
I'm sure there are other things that you could add to this taco box (like you could kick it up a notch and make it a little more gourmet) and you totally should! when you make one of these for a family in need in your neck of the woods.
Thanks to The Kitchn blog for this rad idea! 

images by Briana


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Bri, you are so fancy! My just-had-a-baby neighbor meals are always so ghetto. :) Lucky neighb's!

Briana said...

I'm not fancy, Haley! Haha, it was easy to do.

Jill said...

Such a good idea! And i like your box. Keepin' it real.

Briana said...

Jill- Thank you!