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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Giant Sub

Darn. Summer is almost over. It's been such a good one. And how about those Olympics?! I watched everyday and even shed tears from time to time. It was all so amazing. Did you guys watch?  
We started a little tradition of sorts this summer. On Saturdays, for lunch we make a giant sub from a loaf of french bread. It's goofy but we all look forward to it. I totally enjoy all of us gathering around the island and building Giant Sub. I think we even marched around and chanted GIANT SUB! GIANT SUB! one time.
You guys should make a Giant Sub yourselves and take it to a park for a little end of summer shindig. Or make it for family night. Or wouldn't it be fun with a group to do a Top Chef style competition to see who can make the best Giant Sub? Do I need to keep going?
Here are some tips on how to build your sub:

-Use a 99cent loaf of fresh french bread
-Any deli meat you prefer, about a pound. (we like roasted chicken) *You can add more meat if you prefer.
-SALAMI! Word to the wise, this MAKES the sub. *I like to use an uncured, nitrate free and natural salami.
-sliced cheese, we've used Swiss most times
-lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, onions- any toppings you like on your sandwiches
-mayo, mustard and pepper. You could hit it with some balsamic too.

Slice the french bread, filet open. Layer toppings, starting with meats (fold deli slices in half) and cheese. Top with all your vegetables. Generously spread mayo and mustard or any other spreads you prefer on the other half of bread. Sprinkle with pepper and close. Slice with a serrated knife and enjoy!  

*One Giant Sub will feed 4-6 people.
images by Briana from my instagram


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