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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bri's 5 Favorite Cookbooks

Often times I'll read and study cookbooks at night to relax and wind down. I love looking through the pages of beautiful photography, interesting recipes, and technique. I haven't counted how many cookbooks I own, but I'm guessing somewhere close to a hundred. Most of them have been gifted to me by my sweet mom. Today I'd like to share with you my five favorites and why. Enjoy!
1. The Neiman Marcus Cookbook is pure inspiration to me. They share their famed cookie recipe in the book, as well as all their sandwich and salads that have made their restaurants so popular. I've poured over this book time and time again and the coolest thing about it- I make a new discovery every time. 
2. Seriously Simple is the cookbook that I've made the most recipes out of. I dig it so much because the recipes are simple, always delicious, but have pizzazz to them and are a tad outside-of-the-box.
3. Who doesn't love Ina? I'm pretty sure I own all of her cookbooks- how easy is that? is her latest and it's got it all. Ina taught me how to cook bacon in the oven and I'll forever be grateful. Her cooking show is my favorite, too.
4. The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook is a three ring binder with tabs for easy reference. It's an amazing resource to have in the kitchen and I refer to it often. I think everyone should have one of these and it makes for the perfect wedding gift.
5. BAKING is the bible of baking. The photography is beautiful and they give step-by-step pictures and tips on technique, which I REALLY appreciate. You can tell a ton of thought, time and effort went into the making of this book. It's pretty much perfection.

I'm now dying to hear what your favorite cookbooks are! Do tell. 

images by Briana


Brit Warner said...

This is a great post. I always seem to buy the wrong cook books that do not inspire me to cook.

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Pinterest seems to be my only cookbook these days. :)

Tressa said...

Your mama actually gave me the Baking book for my wedding but I haven't done too much with it yet. You've inspired me to get it out again. :)