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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Last week one of my best friends did something ingenious in her kids' playroom!  Her and her husband went to Lowes, bought lengths of rain gutter with the end caps and mounted them on the wall to use as forward facing bookshelves!  She got the idea from a website called  Isn't this brilliant!  Not only is it major eye candy to have childrens books displayed this way, it also helps peak their curious minds to want to read!  She did something else in the playroom that I will save for another post coming soon!  Enjoy!

Idea from

images by Kara  


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Ha Ha! Funny that you posted this Kara! I have been debating the last few weeks if I finally wanted to install some of these in Claire's room. I saw them on All Things Thrifty a year or so ago and have been trying to get motivated to do them. Thanks for the motivation to get me going!